No more nebuliser 01/07/2015

I could shout from the rooftops I’m so happy the consultant has said there is no need for the nebuliser. It has taken 3 people to hold the poor baby down and use the nebuliser 3 times a day for the last week. He must continue his antibiotics and go back on Friday.

Marathon Day 27/06/2015

Today is the day he should have been having his operation. Josh butler from Cork in Ireland is having it today.

today is the day Alice & terry runimage the Waterford Viking marathon.

terry broke the Guinness world record completing the marathon in 3 hrs 17 and Alice completed the half marathon in 1 hr 58.

thank you to them both for all their fantastic fundraising

No operation for now – 25/06/2015

When we arrived in Verona the landladies husband asked me to go straight to the hospital to have Theo checked over by a doctor.

The Doctor confirmed that Theo had bronchial problems and needed to go on strong antibiotics and a nebuliser for a week.

she also confirmed that the operation could not go ahead on saturday.

Airport Stress – 24/06/2015

Leaving Harry at the airport was the hardest thing I think I’ve ever done – he cried and cried and so did I.

To make it easier travelling on my own I carried theo in his papousse through the airport – what I didn’t factor in was setting off all the alarms as I forgot my phone in my pocket and then having to be searched with Theo sitting on the ground . Both my bags were also emptied making a stressful day even worse .

i asked a girl to take a picture of Theo & I and I thought I was going to be arrested (photo below) as they went through my phone to exams photos .

Verona here we come ….



Finally a date 22/06/2015

We finally have our date and to say we are anxious is an understatement.

theo will have his operation on 27/06/2015 – the same day his wonderful godparents are running the Viking Marathon for him.

the operation is no longer in Milan, now that we have finally found somewhere to stay!, it’s in a place called Negrar which is a very quiet village 15km from Verona.

ive been to the doctors today as Theo was off colour all weekend and has a little cough today – am worried Jn case it becomes bronchiolitis but the docs have assured me it’s only viral and I’ve nothing to worry about. I requested an antibiotic to be on the safe side as don’t want to be sent home again




Climbing Kilmanjaro 17/05/2015

Today the fantastic team at Springfield Montessori climbed an 8 metre climbing wall for 6 hours 15 minutes to climbs the height of Kilmanjaro. They had help from parents, friends of Theos parents and his big sister Eve. Thank you to everyone who supported it and to the 2 Sarah’s for organising x




Theo is 1 – 08/05/2015

Happy 1st Birthday to our beautiful baby boy Theo.

It’s been a long and bumpy 12 months filled with lots of tears of happiness and sadness.

Theo, when I held you in my arms 12 months ago and you wouldn’t go to sleep all day – just stayed looking at your mummy I should have known what a minx you would be. I didn’t know that day how much you would change our lives for the better.

Your great aunt Claire in Florida said that we would become the greatest advocates for deaf awareness and I didn’t believe her. 12 months on you a boy of 1 year of age have 1355 people liking your face book page ( and 492 followers on Twitter) . That’s 1355 people more aware about deafness than this time last year – you did that our sweet little boy.

You have helped us to start to learn a new language – when mummy & daddy thought they were too old to start learning but guess what we are not and your big brother Harry corrects us when we make mistakes and I’m sure you will too soon enough as you are even cheekier than Harry!

Your auntie Alice said you bring out the best in people and we never anticipated that so many kind and wonderful people would want to raise money to help towards your ABI costs but they have and every week someone new is helping you. Alice was right you do bring out the best in people and we have met so many wonderful people since you were born.

Because of you we have learned so much more about human rights, about disabilities and preconceptions and we are more understanding, more tolerant and more supportive – the internet has become your mum’s greatest tool and helped find you Professor Colletti. We are amazed at the strength you and your brother have given us to help us fight for what’s best for you and I don’t think our fights are over yet. In fact our journey is truly only beginning with the long and exciting road to Milan and back.

In the last 12 months you Theo, our beautiful blue eyed boy you have made such progress, made your mum and dad so happy, made us all better people and brought us such joy, Thank you and Happy big 1st Birthday you cheeky little minx

Love Mummy, Daddy & Harry xxx

Easter Egg Hunt 03/04/2015

Today Rachael Paglia organised an Easter Egg Hunt at Springfield Montessori Aughton in aid of Theo.

It rained and rained all morning and we didn’t think it would be able to go ahead. Theos big brother Harry and I drove down and cars were parked along the road for half a mile before the nursery. We queued 20 minutes with lots of families to get in and then the hunt for cartoon and Disney characters began. It was wonderful to hear the children shouting out every time they found a character . After finding 18 they got to go see the lovely Rachael and choose an Easter egg. There was a cake sale, teas and coffees and face painting done by Vicki from KidsRus and the event raised a whopping £1411.90.

Thank you so much to Rachael Paglia for organising such a fantastic event, to Mr & mrs billington for letting her host it in the nursery. Thank you to all the nursery staff who came in on their day off to help. Thank you to those who donated eggs, baked cakes, served teas and coffees and thanks to Vicki from KidsRUs for the fabulous face painting. Finally thank you to all the parents who came and supported the event and helped Rachael raise this amazing amount. Words can’t express our gratitude . Thank you xx


Kindness – 22/03/2015


“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”. Mark Twain


Since we found out Theo was deaf we have been blessed by meeting so many kind and wonderful people who all wish us and Theo good wishes and prayers.

We have had people baking cakes, walking miles, cycling from Liverpool to Manchester and Manchester to milan, flipping pancakes, washing cars, auctioning their memorabilia, running marathons and the list of things done just goes on and on.

Today my 3 wonderful friends Anna Maitland, Jayne Berrie & Ruth Kirby organised a bagpack in Morrisons and I turned up at 11:30 to find a military operation in place . A team of 14 bagpackers all in T-shirts printed with my beautiful boys face and of course I cried. The 3 supermums had organised a rota and had cajoled some wonderful volunteers from Harry & Theos Nursery Teachers, they had roped in their own mums, mother in laws, people they worked with, neighbours, people from their school runs who came and went throughout the 6 hours.  The 3 girls and Ruths best friend Cheryl stayed and worked for the 6 hours.( Picture of the first shift below)

In the 6 hours we met many kind and wonderful people who made me feel very humble.

Thank you to everyone who came to Morrisons and donated their time or money today. Thank you to everyone who has done something for us since we started this, whether it be organising an event, donating time or money or saying a prayer for us. Thank you all, we really appreciate it.

Imelda & Stephen